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We use a commercial cleaning pole system with a reach of 18+ meters (4 Stories, 60 feet approx)
Commercial work comprising of 

Nursing Homes

Office windows
Blocks of Flats

Shop Front windows and Signage
Pub windows
Restaurant windows
Retail Park windows
Hotel windows
Take Away windows

As you would expect, we take Health and Safety very seriously and adhere to strict working practices to ensure the wellbeing of both the public and our operatives.

We have £1m public liability insurance as well as employee insurance protection. Using the water fed pole system also greatly reduces the chance of any accidents as no ladders are used with this system. 

Commercial Window cleaner for your business

Keep your business looking good with our regular and reliable commercial window cleaning service

We know how important it is for you to keep the exterior of your property looking smart.We offer great rates for local businesses and can work to a schedule that suits you.

 We can clean any internal windows, partitions and mirrors with minimal disruption and offer out of hours cleaning if required.

In addition to cleaning your windows we can wash down any signage you may have when required.

Water Fed Pole System

The latest in window cleaning solutions, which allows us to reach even the toughest of places. Key benefits of using this system are:

  • Using purified water means washed windows look cleaner.

  • Gives the ability to clean frames as well as glass.

  • Cleans canopies, panelling, fascias and PVC.

  • All our apparatus complies with Health and Safety requirements and legislation.

  • Increased privacy and reduced disturbance.

  • Poles reach previously inaccessible windows with ease (up to 65ft).

The system works by using purified water that is stored in a tank in our van. This water is pumped through hoses and telescopic poles to jets mounted within the brush heads.

In a three stage process the glass is washed, gently scrubbed and rinsed. The windows are left wet after cleaning but dry naturally to a clear "smear free" finish.

You should be aware that after the initial clean, there may be some watermarks left due to previous residue. These will however be removed on subsequent washes.

With traditional window cleaning methods, soap residue is left behind and so attracts dirt back onto the window. By using pure water, all dirt and chemicals that come into contact with it can be absorbed, leaving a sterile surface and long lasting results.